Worm & Parasite Control for Aquariums 99.9% Pure Levamisole Powder

Worm & Parasite Control for Aquariums 99.9% Pure Levamisole Powder

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IMPORTANT - Please Read

I often get messages from buyers who tell me they had gotten Levamisole Powder from another source and the standard dosage amount wasn't doing much to kill the parasites. If this has happened to you in the past, chances are your medication was cut with another substance as filler to stretch purchasing power or the seller was simply selling you expired medication (sadly, this happens way too often). With that said, please do not use more than what is suggested here. Our product is 99.9%  pure! No cutting agent is used in our product, other than free-flowing dust from the air. I take no responsibility shall your fish fall ill from using more than what is suggested by the instructions we provided.   


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Fast Working Parasite Control for Aquariums - Levamisole Powder

Internal parasite treatment is extremely effective on sick Plecos and other tropical fishes.


This product is an anthelmintic (anti-worm) agent that works to rid of unwanted parasites in your aquarium and boosts your pets' depressed immune systems. Relied upon by both aquatic hobbyists and experienced professionals, Subquaria enables you to combat worms and parasites quickly and safely.

If Fenbendazole didn't resolve your parasite issues, Subquaria is the answer to your problems.



This product should always be used in a quarantine tank or bucket before introducing new fish or plants into your established aquarium.


— Manufacture & Expiration Date:

Beware of other retailers selling expired products at "discounted" price

• Manufacture Date: 10/25/2022
• Expiration Date:  09/30/2025

• Batch #: BT9681027-19


— Which Parasites Respond to Treatment with Subquaria?

Subquaria is highly effective in the treatment of mature and immature gastrointestinal worms, including, but not limited to:

• Roundworms — 

  • Camellanus
  • Nematodirus / Nematodes
  • Threadworms
  • Cooperia
  • Eustrongylides 
  • Capillaria 
  • Contracaecum 

• Stomach worms —

  • Haemonchus
  • Ostertagia
  • Trichostrongylus 

• Nodular worms —

  • Oesophagostomum
  • Chabertia

• Hook worms —

  • Bunostomum
  • Necator
  • Ancylostoma

• Lung worms —

  • Dictyocaulus



— Is it Safe to Use Subqaria in My Aquarium?

     There is a chance a small percentage of the weaker snails may not survive after treatment       

Subquaria is safe for use with Fish, Plants, Bio-Filters & Shrimps.
As an added benefit, it also boosts the immune competence of fishes.

The LD-50 (the lethal dose of a compound for 50% of animals exposed) of Subquaria is 250 mg/l per 24 hours.  This level of dosage doesn't even come close to what was suggested for use in a water bath (the method used in our fish tanks). Only extreme overdosing with this medication will result in death to your fish. Few accounts of adverse side effects in aquaria have been noted even with much higher than currently accepted appropriate dosing.


Easy Instructions for Aquarium Use:

1.  Feed your fish as you normally would.
2.  Remove active carbon and UV lights from your filter (if any).
3.  Do a 50% water change with your favorite dechlorinator.
4.  Add Levamisole Powder to your aquarium and keep the aquarium lights off for 24 hours.
5.  After 24 hours, do 75% water change with your favorite dechlorinator.
6.  Repeat this process in 3 weeks' time.


The following chart explains what concentration to use.

A measuring spoon is included inside each packet.

• 10  Gallons Of Water   =  0.3   Grams
• 15  Gallons Of  Water  =  0.45   Grams
• 20  Gallons Of  Water  =  0.6   Grams
• 25  Gallons Of  Water  =  0.75   Grams
• 30  Gallons Of  Water  =  0.9   Grams
• 40  Gallons Of  Water  =  1.2   Grams
• 50  Gallons Of  Water  =  1.5   Grams
• 55  Gallons Of  Water  =  1.65   Grams
• 65  Gallons Of  Water  =  1.95   Grams
• 75  Gallons Of  Water  =  2.25   Grams
• 90  Gallons Of  Water  =  2.7   Grams
• 125  Gallons Of  Water  =  3.75   Grams
• 150  Gallons Of  Water  =  4.5  Grams
• 180  Gallons Of  Water  =  5.4  Grams

 •• You may need to apply the treatment two times to fully eradicate parasites ••
There is some question about the Subquaria killing eggs in ripe females.
These eggs could be expelled after death and remain viable to hatch into more worms.


Appearance:     White Crystal Powder
Specific Optical Rotation:     > -121.5°
Assay:     > 99%
Brand:     Subquaria
Melting Range:     437-446 °F
Clarity of Solution:     Complies
Acidity:     PH3.5-5.0
Light Absorption:     < 0.20%




• In buying this product, you must agree that you will not hold us (or anyone associated or affiliated with us) responsible or liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or consequence that may occur by virtue of having used this product.
• Scaleless fish are susceptible to the medication. You are responsible for doing your own research before medicating.
• Please be aware that Subquaria does not claim to kill every type of worm or parasite, nor is it a miracle drug.
• The results you see depend on a variety of factors. We do not guarantee results.