• Sterbai Corydoras Cat Fish

Sterbai Corydoras + Free Heat Pack (if ordering durning the winter)

Unlike many breeders, these Cories are properly breed where they have plenty of space to freely roam around which keeps them healthy and happy all year round! Although they are naturally bottom feeders, we perfer to feed them a variety types of food to help them stay healthy.

These Cory Cats are really majestic creatures and they are wonderful to watch. They are peaceful and suitable for many community tanks. Don’t keep it with anything very large or aggressive. Good tankmates include small characins, cyprinids, anabantoids, dwarf cichlids and other peaceful catfish. Always try to maintain Corydoras in groups as they’re far more confident and active in the presence of conspecifics. A group of at least six is best.

Sterbai Corydoras Cory Catfish

Sterbai Corydoras Cory Catfish

Sterbai Corydoras Cory Catfish

Sterbai Corydoras Cory Catfish


Sterbai’s Coryprefer groups, a minimum of 5 individuals is recommended as these fishare highly social with conspecifics, the more the merrier definitelyapplies to this species

Go a head and order your Cories from me and I'll guarantee they will arrive at your doorstep alive and healthy!

DOA Policy

If there are any dead on arrival, please be sure to take a photo before opening the bag.

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Sterbai Corydoras Cat Fish

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