• Pink Ramshorn Snails

Pink Ramshorn Snails (BACK IN STOCK!)

Ramshorn snails are extremely helpful in keeping your tank clean and healthy. Although most species are harmless, certain species of snails and slugs damage crops by feeding on roots. However, your aquatic  plants are safe from these Ramshorn Snails! They most decaying plants, preferring algae, uneaten fish food, and dead fish.

Not only are they great for your aquarium, they also make great snacks for Crabs, Puffers, Loaches, Lobsters, Turtles (mines loves 'em!) and even Crayfishes.

These cute little snails even make great warning systems! If you ever see most of your Ramshorns hanging around the waterline of your tank, it means the water's toxicity has reached dangerous levels and is time for change.

As you can see from the photos below, the snails I raise are kept in healthy conditions and they are never over crowded unlike some breeders who keeps them in a small and dirty bucket.


If there are any dead on arrival, please be sure to take a photo before opening the bag.

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Pink Ramshorn Snails

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